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Power Skating in NH

Ice Hockey Development

Christmas Clinic

4 hour clinic over 2 days !

Wednesday December 26, 2019 10:00am-12:00pm
Thursday    December 27, 2019 10:00am-12:00pm
Conway arena, Nashua NH, .. ..Ages 7-17

ATTENTION : Middle school, JV boys, girls, all 1st year checking players
This clinic will improve your Contact Confidence

This clinic will feature these topics:

Checking: We'll go over as much as we can squeeze in
exploring and detailing game contact in its'many situations
Plus.. "Free legal advice" from Peter's Officiating Manual
How to..Forecheck-backcheck-defend-steal-protect
Detailing: Angling, Stick check, Body contact and Checking

Crossovers III: Crossovers at overspeed on a set course
Lateral resistance crossovers L and R using bungee
Restarts using our speedcord

Power Edges II : Pivots, Sculling, Outside Inside Edges
Agility : Quicken and strengthen become more nimble on skates
Weight shift : Tactical maneuvers, Balance and Control
Backwards II : Backwards is the first thing to rust up after time off
Stickhandling & Shooting : Shooting, East-West One-Timers, accuracy shooting in stride finding the shooting lane, The eyes of the puck vs what you see
Forms, Explosive starts, Turning...and so much more
Enter name and age of skater

MLK Clinic

Martin Luther King Day

Monday January 21, 2019 9:30am-11:30am
Conway arena, Nashua NH
2 hours - Ages 7-17

On sale: $55

This clinic will feature these topics:
Quick Start
Power Edges
Checking methods
Shooting in stride
Forms for the rapid stride
Deke Fake Shoot Score
Overspeed w/Evasiveness
Russian Weave

Enter name and age of skater

NH February vacation clinic

Winter vacation 2 day clinic

Thursday February 28, 2019 9am-11am
Friday March 1, 2019 9am-11am
Conway arena, Nashua NH
4 hours - Ages 7-17

On sale: $109

  • Checking, shoulder and hip, stick lift, stick press, poke check, angling, lasso, body block, contact confidence
  • Edges, Turning, Pivoting, Evasive maneuvering
  • Various Crossover methods will be explored
  • Stick handling, Passing, touch passing, give-n-go, egg-shell vs loud passing, the whip pass
  • Resistance training, competetive challenges
  • Agility balance and control single leg isolation exercises, power and endurance
  • Forms Technique Mechanics, Stride posture
  • Overspeed training for Explosive starts, Rapid and Long strides...Plus a whole lot more...
  • Awesome training curriculum over 2 days

Day and price options
Enter name and age of skater

Private Lessons are available by request, call or e-mail us.

New Hampshire Power Skating Clinics 2017-2018
covering most 2017-2018 school holidays

WELCOME 2017-2018 Oyster River Cats
WELCOME 2017-2018 New Hampshire East Eagles
WELCOME 2017-2018 New Enlgand Edge

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Peter Klim Shoots the Duck at Radius Edge Power Skating Summer Camp

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2017-2018 Camp and Clinic Info

The ice appears like glass at Conway Ice Arena in Nashua New Hampshire. Conway Arena is host to Radius Edge Power Skating year round private lesson.
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  • 2018 Summer private lessons
    Reserve today

  • Are you interested in group/team training?
  • We have a complete 3 part program
  • 1) Classroom: Video, Discussion
  • 2) Dryland: Forms, Self Competitive Skills & Plyometrics
  • 3) On Ice Training
  • MINI-GAME with Official
  • We specialize in Power Skating
  • Time Measured Skating Tests
  • Drills you won't see at practice
  • See Your Top Speed on Radar
  • Agility and Balance Drills
  • Personal Attention
  • Demonstration by Instructors
  • Unique Plyometric Program
  • Multimedia Class and Lecture
  • Challenging Ice Program
  • Our focus is skating development

Private Lessons

On ice sessions from $100

Dryland/plyo's from $50

Long Programs

Short Programs

Attention to Detail

Stride adjustments

Technique and Mechanics

The Explosive Start

4 parts of the start

Natural Arm Swing

Opening up the stride

Application of Force

Proper Skating Form